Updating of the Finance 4335 Course Schedule to Accommodate today’s “Icepocalypse”

Since Baylor University is closed today as a result of today’s “Icepocalypse”, I have updated the Spring 2018 Finance 4335 Course Schedule accordingly.  The net effect of today’s class cancellation is that the schedule for the remainder of the semester has been shifted forward; consequently, Problem Set 1 is now due on Thursday, January 18 (instead of today), and the two midterm exams will now take place on Thursday, February 15 and Tuesday, April 3 (instead of 2/13 and 3/29).  Thursday’s class will begin with a quiz based upon the assigned readings for our statistics tutorial. The readings, problem sets, and lecture notes pages have also been updated to reflect the fact that Finance 4335 is now officially scheduled to meet 29 rather than 30 times during the Spring 2018 semester.

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