Assignments for class: Tuesday, September 25

Not surprisingly, the first midterm exam in Finance 4335 (scheduled for Thursday, September 27 in class) will be all about the "Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty" and “Insurance Economics” topics.

In preparation for next Tuesday’s in-class review session, your assignments are to 1) review the two-page document entitled “Finance 4335 course synopsis for Midterm Exam 1 (also available from the Readings page on the course website as an assigned “optional” reading for Tuesday, September 25), and 2) review Problem Set 3, Problem Set 4, Problem Set 5, and the Sample Midterm 1 Exam Booklet (this is the exam that I gave in Finance 4335 during the Spring 2018 semester). Solutions for the third and fourth problem sets are available now (see, and I will make the solutions for the fifth problem set and the sample Midterm 1 exam available after class on Tuesday.

In closing, I expect that y’all will prepare adequately so that we can have a productive review session next Tuesday. Be sure to come equipped with questions, and I will do my best to provide answers.

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