Extra Credit Opportunity for Finance 4335 (repost)

(This is a repost that corrects various typos in the original; follow the instructions provided here instead!):

I have decided to offer the following extra credit opportunity for Finance 4335. You can earn extra credit by building an Excel spreadsheet which replicates the Standard Normal Distribution Function table that appears on the course website for z values ranging from 0 to 3 . This is actually not a particularly difficult exercise, since all it requires is building a 32 row by 11 column spreadsheet in which cells B2 through K32 reference sums of column A numbers (which begin at 0.0 in cell A2 and increase by .1 increments, ending at 3.0 in cell A32) with row 1 numbers (which begin at 0.00 in cell B2 and increase in .01 increments, ending at 0.09 in cell K1), using the “=NORMSDIST(z)” command.

This extra credit assignment must be emailed as a file attachment to fin4335@gmail.com by no later than Friday, September 13 at 5 pm. I will use your grade on this extra credit assignment to replace your lowest quiz grade in Finance 4335 (assuming that your grade on the extra credit is higher than your lowest grade).

Feel free to email me (James_Garven@baylor.edu) or call/text me at 254-307-1317 if you have any questions concerning this assignment.

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