(Highly Recommended) Globalization and Robots video series from Marginal Revolution University


Our new series, Globalization and Robots: The Future of Work, is live!

Binge away on three new videos, starting with Avengers: A Story of Globalization.

Avengers and Globalization

With the help of an expert economist (Tyler Cowen) and an expert political scientist (Ian Bremmer), you’ll be able to better understand and navigate a rapidly evolving landscape of jobs. But don’t think this is some boring lecture—we’ve brought in Thanos, cows in Manhattan, and a ton of LEGOs to help us tell this story.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, and start watching!

Episode 1: Avengers: A Story of Globalization
Episode 2: Creative Destruction: Technology and Trade
Episode 3: Are There Winners and Losers of Globalization?

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