Finance 4335 Honor Code – Based on Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures

It has come to my attention that past problem set and exam solutions for Finance 4335 are available from one or more so-called “course sharing” websites.  These documents were uploaded to these sites without my knowledge or permission and as such, constitute copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property.

According to Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures, “… using, uploading, downloading, or purchasing any online resource that has been derived from material pertaining to a Baylor course without the written permission of the professor” constitutes dishonorable conduct; i.e., an act of academic dishonesty.  Section IV.A. of this very same document obligates faculty members who suspect that a student has engaged in dishonorable conduct to either handle the matter directly with the student or refer it to the Honor Council.

While students are encouraged to use course-related documents that I distribute in class and on the course website for personal academic purposes, anything other than your personal use of these documents, (including sharing such documents with others who are not enrolled in Finance 4335 or uploading such documents to course-sharing websites) is in violation of Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures and therefore, expressly forbidden. This policy also applies to the use of course-related documents from any source other than me.

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