Important notice concerning Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures document

It has come to my attention that past problem set and exam solutions for Finance 4335 are available online on sites such as Quizlet, Coursehero, and Chegg.   These documents were uploaded to these sites without my knowledge or permission and as such, constitute theft of intellectual property.

According to Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures, using, uploading, downloading, or purchasing any online resource that has been derived from material pertaining to a Baylor course without the written permission of the professor constitutes dishonorable conduct; i.e., an act of academic dishonesty.  Section IV.A. of the same document obligates faculty members who suspect that a student has engaged in dishonorable conduct of this sort to either handle the matter directly with the student or refer it to the Honor Council.

While y’all are encouraged to use course-related documents that I distribute in class and on the course website for personal academic purposes,  anything other than your personal use of these documents is in violation of Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures and therefore, expressly forbidden.  This also applies to the use of course-related documents from any other source other than me.

I will close by citing the “Academic Honesty and Integrity” section of the Finance 4335 course syllabus:

Plagiarism or any form of cheating is not acceptable. Baylor’s honor code is an important resource for understanding various types of academic dishonesty, and I expect my students to be intimately familiar with it. The standards set forth in the honor code will be applied to all of your work in Finance 4335.

Cheating involves not only a breach of trust that disrupts the proper harmony of society and creation, but it is also an act of violence against one’s soul, corrupting judgment by sanctioning a distorted notion of success and honing destructive tools to pursue it.

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