Midterm 1 and Current Course Grades in Both Sections of Finance 4335

I just uploaded the midterm 1 grades, along with attendance, problem set, quiz, and current Finance 4335 course grades.

Here are the descriptive statistics for both sections of Finance 4335:

Midterm 1 Course
Mean 78.11 83.57
Standard Deviation 16.60 9.28
Minimum 34.00 62.92
25th percentile 70.00 77.81
50th percentile 81.00 85.08
75th percentile 91.50 89.97
Maximum 100.00 99.49

Although letter grades are not assigned until the semester is over, I recommend comparing your current course grade with the letter grade schedule given in the course syllabus and reproduced here:

A 93-100% C 73-77%
A- 90-93% C- 70-73%
B+ 87-90% D+ 67-70%
B 83-87% D 63-67%
B- 80-83% D- 60-63%
C+ 77-80%

If you are disappointed, particularly with your current grade situation in Finance 4335, keep in mind that these calculations do not take into account the fact that the final exam grade double counts in place of a midterm exam grade, if said midterm exam grade is lower than the final exam grade.

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