Plan B for those who cannot attend Catherine Semcer’s talk tonight

Here’s a Plan B for those who have schedule conflicts with Catherine Semcer‘s talk tonight entitled “Saving Africa’s Wildlife: The Failure of Hunting Bans and Success of Entrepreneurial Solutions”. It turns out that Ms. Semcer was a featured guest on an EconTalk podcast episode hosted by Russ Roberts this past February. I am willing to accept a written report on Ms. Semcer’s EconTalk episode in lieu of a written report on her presentation tonight at Baylor.

The same rules apply for the podcast as they do for tonight’s live presentation. If you decide to take advantage of this podcast extra credit opportunity, I will use the grade you earn on your report to replace your lowest quiz grade in Finance 4335 (assuming that your grade on the extra credit is higher than your lowest quiz grade). The report should be in the form of a 1-2 page executive summary in which you provide a critical analysis of Russ Robert’s 67 minute interview with Ms. Semcer entitled “Poaching, Preserves, and African Wildlife”. In order to receive credit, the report must be submitted via email to fin4335in either Word or PDF format by no later than Monday, October 21 at 5 p.m.

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