Easy access to solutions for problem sets, class problems, and the Spring 2019 midterm 2

As I mentioned during our class meeting yesterday, http://risk.garven.com/category/problem-set-solutions/ opens a webpage that features a chronologically ordered (from most to least recent) listing of links for 3 assigned problem sets (problem sets 5-7) and 6 class problems given in Finance 4335 since Midterm 1.

I have also posted the Spring 2019 Midterm 2 exam booklet and solutions on the Sample Exams page of the Finance 4335 course website.  Once I have completed writing the Fall 2019 Midterm 2 exam, I will post this exam’s formula sheet on the Finance 4335 Formula Sheets page.

Restrictions on Use: Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures stipulates that using, uploading, or downloading any online resource derived from material pertaining to a Baylor course without the written permission of the professor constitutes an act of academic dishonesty.  Since Professor Garven gives no such permission for Finance 4335 course content, this means that the use and redistribution of Finance 4335-related documents involving any source other than Professor Garven are expressly forbidden.  For more information on the use restrictions of Finance 4335 course content, see http://bit.ly/4335honorcode.  

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