Formula Sheet for Midterm 2 (along with some Midterm 2 – related information)

The formula sheet for Midterm Exam 2 is now available at This document will be appended to the back of the Midterm 2 exam booklet that y’all will get to see for the first time on Tuesday.  In my opinion, the two most important Midterm 2 – related documents are the formula sheet and the Finance 4335 course synopsis for Midterm Exam 2.

Here’s some further information about Midterm 2 (to be given in class on Tuesday, November 5):

  • Midterm 2 consists of two sections. Section 1 consists of six multiple choice and two short answer questions worth 4 points each, whereas Section 2 consists of three problems worth 32 points each.
  • Students are required to either complete Section 1 questions and two out of three Section 2 problems, or to ignore Section 1 and complete all three Section 2 problems. For students who complete all of Sections 1 and 2, I will count the three highest scoring questions and/or problems toward the exam grade.
  • The maximum number of points possible on this exam’s questions and problems totals 96, and I will add an additional 4 points on your exam if you legibly write your name on the cover page in the space provided. Thus, the maximum number of points possible on this exam is 100 points.

Let me know whether you have any Midterm 2 – related questions or concerns.  If you need to contact me tomorrow, call or text during business hours to 254-307-1317, or email me at

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