Problem Set 9 and tomorrow’s meeting of Finance 4335

For those of you who skip tomorrow’s meeting of Finance 4335, your absence is (obviously) unexcused and I will assign a grade of 0 for the “Why is Risk Costly to Firms” quiz that you will miss. To receive credit for Problem Set 9, you must email your completed problem set 9 assignment as a PDF file attachment to prior to the start of tomorrow’s class.  Note the following verbiage in the “Late Work” section (Section 8.3) of the course syllabus:

“Assigned problem sets are due at the beginning of class. If you expect to absent on a day when a problem set is due, it must be turned in at or before this time; otherwise, you will not receive any credit for the problem set. Furthermore, if you miss class on a day when a required reading is assigned, there will be no make-ups for the quiz that you miss.”

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