Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of Finance 4335!

Happy new year!  My name is Dr. James R. Garven, and I am your professor for the Spring 2020 edition of the Risk Management course at Baylor University.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as we head into the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester:

1. Finance 4335 will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3:15 p.m. in Foster 428 (beginning on January 14).

2. The home page for Finance 4335 is at http://fin4335.garven.com, and the course syllabus is at http://fin4335.garven.com/syllabus.pdf. I use Canvas for two purposes only: linking to the course website and posting grades.

3. Course-related documents (e.g., assigned readings, problem sets, sample exams, lecture notes, etc.) are distributed from the course website.

4. The course blog is at http://risk.garven.com and linked from the “Course Blog” button on the home page of the course website. I use the course blog to post important announcements and provide insights linking course topics with the “real” world. I recommend that you regularly follow the course blog via any of the following methods:

a. Via Facebook, by simply “liking” the Finance 4335 Facebook Page (at https://www.facebook.com/finance4335/);
b. Via Twitter, by visiting http://twitter.com/fin4335; and/or
c. Via email; see https://wp.me/p7ESgv-2yJ  for subscription instructions.

5. The Baylor Bookstore lists the required textbook for Finance 4335 (Integrated Risk Management, by Neil A. Doherty) as out-of-stock. However, the book is available from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0071358617), and assigned book chapters (in PDF format) are available from the course website (see http://fin4335.garven.com/textbook), so this is a manageable “problem”.

6. Try to complete the Finance 4335 Student Information Survey (at http://bit.ly/4335survey) prior to the first day of class on January 14 so I can read up on all of your names, academic backgrounds, interests, and aspirations (similar information about me is available at http://garven.com).  I count the Finance 4335 Student Information Survey as a problem set which receives a grade of 100 (if successfully completed any time between now and the second day of class on January 16), and 0 otherwise.

In closing, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and that you are looking forward to a happy and productive Spring 2020 semester at Baylor University (particularly in Finance 4335)!


Dr. Garven

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