Market Volatility Revisited (Coronavirus Edition)…

Not that anyone is counting, but market volatility today is comparable numerically to market volatility in the depths of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. Today, the CBOE’s implied volatility index (ticker symbol VIX) closed at 54.46. Putting this into a historical perspective, this level is at the 99.43rd percentile for all 7,557 daily observations on VIX recorded daily during the 30-year period spanning 1/2/1990 – 12/27/2019. The last time that VIX closed at this high of a level occurred on November 5, 2008, when it closed at 54.56.

For more information about the (contemporaneous) relationship between VIX and the overall stock market (as measured by the S&P 500 index), see “On the relationship between the S&P 500 and the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)“:

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