Plan for tomorrow’s Finance 4335 class meeting

My plan for tomorrow’s Finance 4335 Midterm Exam #1 review session is to engage in Q&A pertaining not only to course content but also to exam-related protocols which I expect students to follow. Regarding course content, I plan to 1) review what we have covered in Finance 4335 to date (based on my teaching note entitled “Finance 4335 Midterm 1 Synopsis”), 2) work solutions for Problem Set 4, and 3) work solutions for the Spring 2020 Finance 4335 Midterm 1 exam.

As you consider these various documents (along with all other documents which are distributed from the course website), let me remind you that anything other than your personal use of these documents is in violation of Section III.C.16 of Baylor’s Honor Code Policy and Procedures and therefore, expressly forbidden. Hypothetical examples of honor code violations include sharing such documents with others who are not currently enrolled in Finance 4335, uploading such documents to so-called course-sharing websites (e.g., Quizlet, Chegg, CourseHero, etc.), and using course-related documents from any source other than the course website. If you have questions about this policy, I suggest that you reference the Finance 4335 Honor Code, and please discuss questions or concerns you may have with me.

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