Preparing for the first midterm in Finance 4335: Review Session (9/24) and Exam (9/29)

On September 24 and September 29, we’ll focus our attention on the first midterm exam in Finance 4335. Class on Thursday, September 24 will be devoted to a review session for the exam, and the exam will be administered during class on Tuesday, September 29.

Even though I list it as “optional” reading, I highly recommend that y’all read my teaching note due on 9/24 entitled “Finance 4335 course synopsis for Midterm Exam 1”. In order to properly prepare for the first midterm exam in Finance 4335, I also recommend reviewing the various class problems along with problem sets 2 – 4, and midterm 1 from Spring 2020; solutions for class problems and problem sets in FIN 4335 are available at After class tomorrow, I will post the solutions for problem set 4 and for midterm 1 from Spring 2020 so that everyone will the opportunity to check their work on these assignments.

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