Spring 2021 Course Announcement

Spring 2021 Course Announcement:
Finance 4366: Options, Futures and Other Derivatives (CRN 37419)
Instructor: Dr. James R. Garven
Offered 11-12:15 TR Online, With Synchronous Instruction

Purpose of this course

During the past few decades, there has been explosive growth in the use of derivative securities such as futures, forwards, swaps, and options for managing financial risk. Such securities are commonly referred to as “derivatives” because their values depend upon the values of other assets. This course presents a conceptual framework for understanding how to price financial derivatives and design financial risk management strategies.

Course Prerequisites

A minimum grade of B- in Finance 3310 or consent of instructor; while some background in economics, finance, calculus, and statistics is helpful, Dr. Garven has designed the course so that it is largely self-contained.

Expected Course Outcome

Students find that this course substantially sharpens and hones their analytic capabilities, providing the conceptual framework needed for pursuing careers (as well as professional certification) in consulting, corporate finance, financial analysis, investment banking, risk management, and financial services.

Course Syllabus

Go to http://fin4366.garven.com/syllabus.pdf for a copy of the Finance 4366 course syllabus.

Further questions?

Contact Professor Garven by email at James_Garven@baylor.edu, by phone or text at 254-307-1317, or by Zoom appointment at http://appointment.garven.com.

This course prospectus is also available at http://fin4366.garven.com/prospectus.

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