Change of plans for this Tuesday’s Finance 4335 class meeting

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (AKA “ERCOT”) issued a press release earlier today (see warning of possible “rotating outages” statewide for today, Monday, and Tuesday. Rather than roll the dice that we (students and faculty alike) will all have online access on Tuesday, from 2-3:15 pm, I have substituted my recorded lecture entitled “Finance 4335 – Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty, part 4” in place of a real-time, synchronous class meeting that day. This recorded lecture is 72 minutes in length, and it is available from the Media Gallery section of the Finance 4335 Course Canvas page.

In the meantime, if you have questions about any aspect of Finance 4335, point your device’s browser to “” and set up a Zoom appointment with me there. Given the current statewide climate event (which I have nicknamed “Icepocalypse 2021”), I figure that the odds of just two people having a successful synchronous Zoom meeting (particularly on Tuesday) are much better than the odds of a few dozen people doing so.


Dr. Garven

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