Midterm 2 Exam reminders about required exam protocols

Here are some friendly reminders about tomorrow’s exam in Finance 4335:

  1. Log in to Zoom as usual, with your webcam turned on and audio muted.    I will turn Zoom on by 1:45 p.m. CT, and students can begin the exam as early as 1:50 pm CT or as late as 2:10 pm CT, and still have a 90-minute window for completing it.
  2. The first “Question” on the exam consists of an “Honor Pledge”, which requires you to certify that all work on the exam is your own.
  3. This midterm exam comprises four problems. I only require you to complete three out of four problems. At your option, you may complete all four problems, in which case I will count the three highest-scoring problems for your exam grade.
  4. The total time allotted for completing the exam and uploading a single PDF file comprising your written work is 90 minutes. Plan on allotting 80 minutes to complete the exam, and 10 minutes to create and upload your written work in PDF format. The final “Question”, labeled “Question 6”, is where you upload your written work.
  5. Do not, under any circumstance, click on the ”Submit Quiz” button prior to completing the exam and uploading your PDF file. If you submit your completed exam without your PDF file, then you will receive a grade of zero for this exam.
  6. If you have questions during this exam, use the Zoom Chat feature to chat privately with Dr. Garven.  You may also call or text Dr. Garven at 254-307-1317. DO NOT under any circumstances unmute yourself on Zoom, as this would be very disruptive for your classmates.

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