What’s up in Finance 4335 for tomorrow (10/21), next Tuesday (10/26), and one week from tomorrow (10/28)

During tomorrow’s Finance 4335 class meeting, we will discuss the Capital Market Theory lecture note, and if time permits, work through a capital market theory class problem. Next Tuesday’s class meeting (October 26) will be devoted to a review session for the 2nd midterm exam in Finance 4335, which is scheduled to occur (in-class) on Thursday, October 28

The formula sheet for Midterm Exam 2 is now available at http://fin4335.garven.com/fall2021/formulas_part2.pdf. This document will also be included as part of the exam booklet on Thursday, October 28. The three most important Midterm 2 – related documents are the formula sheet, the Finance 4335 synopsis for Midterm Exam 2, and the sample Midterm 2 exam booklet that I just posted on the Sample Exams page.

As you prepare for next Tuesday’s midterm exam review session, please take the time to work through the sample exam, and also devote some time reviewing Midterm 2 exam topics, which include insurance economics, asymmetric information, portfolio theory, and capital market theory.

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