Capital Market Theory Class Problem, and reminders about next week in Finance 4335

I have posted a Capital Market Theory class problem at   Prior to next Tuesday’s in-class midterm exam review session, it’s important that you work through the Capital Market Theory class problem and the sample exam, read  the Finance 4335 synopsis for Midterm Exam 2, and review Midterm 2 exam topics and related problem set solutions, including insurance economics, asymmetric information, portfolio theory, and capital market theory.  Come to class that day to get any questions you may have about Problem Set 7 and various resources and topics listed above.

As I wrote in a previous blog posting, Midterm Exam 2 is scheduled to occur (in-class) on Thursday, October 28.  The formula sheet for Midterm Exam 2 is available at, and will be included as the last page of the Midterm 2 exam booklet.


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