Assignments for Thursday, January 19 in Finance 4335

As indicated on the page of the course website, the readings assigned for the second day of class (Thursday, January 19) include

1. Calculating (Math) Derivatives, by James R. Garven
2. Optimization (chapter 2 from Managerial Economics, by W. Bruce Allen, Neil Doherty, Keith Weigelt, and Edwin Mansfield, 6th edition (2005))
3. How long does it take to double (triple/quadruple/n-tuple) your money?, by James R. Garven

Pages 74-76 of the “Optimization” reading  (entitled “Lagrangian Multipliers”)  may be skipped without loss of continuity. The primary purpose of this reading is to re-acquaint students with basic calculus and how to use calculus to solve (unconstrained) optimization (i.e., maximization and minimization) problems. Since none of our work in Finance 4335 requires solving constrained optimization problems, there’s no need (in this course, anyway) for Lagrangian multipliers.

Besides reading these three articles in preparation for the second day of class, Finance 4335 students are also required to complete Quiz 1 on Canvas,  fill in the Student information survey, and sign up for a free WSJ student membership at

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