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On the definition for a “professional casino gambler”

WSJ columnist Holman Jenkins provides a superb definition of the term “professional casino gambler” in his article in today’s paper:

“Casino odds are designed to favor the house (otherwise there wouldn’t be a casino business). Anybody who plays for an extended period can expect to empty his bank account and fill the casino’s. “Professional casino gambler” is a polite term for somebody psychologically addicted to losing money.”

Computers and productivity: Evidence from laptop use in the college classroom

In the April 2017 issue of Economics of Education Review, an article entitled “Computers and productivity: Evidence from laptop use in the college classroom” provides convincing empirical evidence against allowing laptop use in the classroom (which is why laptops are generally not allowed in Finance 4335 – see the first bullet point under section 8.2 of the course syllabus).  Anyway, here are the highlights from this article:

  • Computer use in college classrooms is commonplace.
  • We use a quasi-experimental design to identify the effects of laptop use in college classrooms.
  • We find that computer use has a significant negative effect on student grades.
  • The negative effects of computer use are concentrated among males and low performing students.