Finance 4335 policy for submitting completed problem sets via Canvas

At the risk of redundancy (e.g., see the screenshot below for Problem Set 4 on Section 2’s Canvas site and section “8. 2. Late Work” on page 3 of the course syllabus), let me remind everyone that Finance 4335 problem sets must be submitted in PDF format via Canvas; paper copies or file formats other than PDF are not accepted.  Furthermore, given how simple it is to merge multiple pages into a single PDF document (see the instructions provided here), I also expect students to submit their completed problem sets as single PDF documents.

Let me know whether any of you have any questions about the Finance 4335 Problem Set submission policy.


Friendly reminder about assigned readings, Problem Set 3, and Quiz 4 due Thursday, September 14

Here’s a friendly reminder regarding the assigned readings, Problem Set 3, and Quiz 4 which are due prior to the start of class on Thursday, September 14th.

Here are the links for the two assigned readings:

1. Expected Utility, Mean-Variance, and Stochastic Dominance, by James R. Garven
2. Modeling Risk Preferences Using Taylor Series Expansions of Utility Functions, by James R. Garven

Here is the link for Problem Set 3:

Problem Set 3 (Expected Utility)

Problem Set 2 helpful hints

Problem Set 2 is available from the course website at; its due date is Tuesday, September 5.

Problem Set 2 consists of two problems. The first problem requires calculating expected value, standard deviation, and correlation, and using this information as inputs into determining expected returns and standard deviations for 2-asset portfolios. The second problem involves using the standard normal probability distribution to calculate the probabilities of earning various levels of return by investing in risky securities and portfolios; see pp. 13-19 of the lecture note for coverage of that topic.