PDF Requirement for Finance 4335 assignments posted to Canvas

Whenever you post Finance 4335 assignments to Canvas, you are required to submit each and every assignment as a single file in the Adobe Portable Document (PDF) file format.  For handwritten work, one must scan such work and output the scan to PDF.

I handed out a 2-page PDF scanning guide during class yesterday (also available here) which shows how one can accomplish this task easily using smartphone apps; specifically, the Adobe Scan app and the OneDrive app.  Both apps are free, remarkably easy to use, and produce very high-quality scans.  There may also be other apps that are functionally similar to Adobe Scan and OneDrive, and perhaps some of you use hardware-based scanning devices; any of these scanning options suffice as long as you can output and upload your work to a single PDF file.

Week 2 readings, quiz, and problem set

Here’s a friendly reminder that the following readings must be completed prior to the start of class this coming Tuesday, August 31:

1. The New Religion of Risk Management, by Peter Bernstein
2. Normal and standard normal distribution, by James R. Garven
3. Mean and Variance of a Two-Asset Portfolio, by James R. Garven

Keep in mind that Quiz 2, which is based on these readings, must also be completed and turned in prior to the start of class next Tuesday, as will Problem Set 1.

Going forward, I will typically not post reminders like this concerning Finance 4335 assignment deadlines; however, you’ll be “good to go” in Finance 4335 if you faithfully follow the guidelines listed in my “How to know whether you are on track with Finance 4335 assignments” posting.

Course Requirement: Email subscription to the Risk Management Course Blog (instructions given here)

A course blog has been established for Finance 4335 at the address http://risk.garven.com; it is also linked from the “Course Blog” button located on the course website. This resource provides a convenient means for Dr. Garven to distribute important announcements outside of class. Topics covered on the course blog typically include things like changes in the course schedule, clarifications, and hints concerning problem sets, information about upcoming exams, announcements concerning extra credit opportunities, and short blurbs showing how current events relate to many of the topics covered in Finance 4335.

All students enrolled in Finance 4335 are required to subscribe to the course blog via email. Students may also follow the course blog on Facebook or Twitter but are not required to do so.

Email Subscription Instructions:

In order to subscribe to the course blog via email, go to http://risk.garven.com and enter your email address in the form provided on the right-hand side of that webpage:

After clicking “Subscribe”, the following information will appear on the screen:

Next, check for an email from “Risk Management Blog <donotreply@wordpress.com> ”:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.15.43 PM
Next, simply click the “Confirm Follow” button. This will cause you to receive the following email:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.21.17 PM

From that point forward, whenever I post to the course blog, you will immediately receive a nicely formatted version of the blog posting via email.