Preparing for the first midterm in Finance 4335: Review Session (9/24) and Exam (9/29)

On September 24 and September 29, we’ll focus our attention on the first midterm exam in Finance 4335. Class on Thursday, September 24 will be devoted to a review session for the exam, and the exam will be administered during class on Tuesday, September 29.

Even though I list it as “optional” reading, I highly recommend that y’all read my teaching note due on 9/24 entitled “Finance 4335 course synopsis for Midterm Exam 1”. In order to properly prepare for the first midterm exam in Finance 4335, I also recommend reviewing the various class problems along with problem sets 2 – 4, and midterm 1 from Spring 2020; solutions for class problems and problem sets in FIN 4335 are available at After class tomorrow, I will post the solutions for problem set 4 and for midterm 1 from Spring 2020 so that everyone will the opportunity to check their work on these assignments.

Calculus and Probability & Statistics recommendations…

Since many of the topics covered in Finance 4335 require a basic knowledge and comfort level with algebra, differential calculus, and probability & statistics, the second class meeting during the Spring 2020 semester will include a mathematics tutorial, and the third and fourth class meetings will cover probability & statistics. I know of no better online resource for brushing up on (or learning for the first time) these topics than the Khan Academy.

So here are my suggestions for Khan Academy videos which cover these topics (unless otherwise noted, all sections included in the links which follow are recommended):

Finally, if your algebra skills are generally a bit on the rusty side, I would also recommend checking out the Khan Academy’s review of algebra.